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Benjamin. satan cruz. Psychology Major.
I love film // photography // music . I ride a bike.
"So this is permanence; love-shattered pride. What once was innocence, has turned on its side." Home Message history ✖ Me ✖✖ Delta Grove Films ✖✖ Instagram ✖✖ Flickr ✖
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Karen Sofia Colon

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si la casa arde calentémonos con ella

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si la casa arde calentémonos con ella

Marcel Castenmiller

ive been having nightmares all week and Tuesday night’s was especially bad.

I just want them to stop.


Jesse: I feel like this is, uh, some dream world we’re in, y’know.
Celine: Yeah, it’s so weird. It’s like our time together is just ours. It’s our own creation. It must be like I’m in your dream, and you in mine, or something.
Jesse: And what’s so cool is that this whole evening, all our time together, shouldn’t officially be happening.
Celine: Yeah, I know. Maybe that’s why this feels so otherworldly.



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